Assessing Employment Potential and Skills Gaps

At a Glance
  • Jobs and skills needs change over time in response to market changes or technological advances, as well as changes the life cycle of extractives projects.
  • While it may be difficult to distinguish between direct and indirect jobs generated by an extractive project, the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) considers whether the employee normally carries out his/her work physically at the mine site or not.
  • Policymakers have several approaches at their disposal to estimate potential employment generation from the extractive sector, including: bottom up estimates, proxy measures of employment generation from similar projects in other regions, and jobs multipliers. 
  • Factors influencing the job creation potential of a mining investment include: type of ownership; mine size; mining life cycle phase; mining operation type; commodity being extracted; and the mine’s need for ancillary construction.

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Topic Briefing

This section discusses how governments can assess the jobs and skills that may be created by the extractive project and determine which types of employment can draw on local citizens.

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Estimating the type and scale of employment often involves a modeling effort and the use of social impact assessments (SIAs) at the individual project level. Assessing skill gaps requires the identification of skills available currently, as well as educational curricula to determine future skills. These topics are covered in detail in the subtopic Assessing the direct and indirect jobs and skills required by extractives.